Wishing to catch everyone’s eye and make a sustained impact? With foil sticker printing, promoting your organization can be a sparkly & glistening experience. Sticker with foil stamped features lends an innovative, custom look that makes your organization seem more professional and trustworthy. What’s more, to enhance foil stickers beauty, you can choose from seven (gold, rose gold, silver, copper, red, green and blue). The gold & silver combination is most widely used with foil stickers. This is definitely the option for you if you want to make a statement. Such printed stickers are best for event and rewards purposes. Silver and gold stickers are often identified with 2nd and 1st place, which means that rather than badges or ribbons, it is possible to hand out shimmering silver stickers and gold metallic stickers. Our foiled stickers are offered kiss-cut on extra-large A4 sheets, so they’re simple to remove and paste. Everlasting self-adhesive means once they’re put on, your stickers stay there for longer.